Monday, August 16, 2010

I Need You

There have been several songs lately that have really spoken to me so I might put some lyrics here over my next couple entries and write a bit about my thoughts on them. Sometimes songs put into word feelings or emotions that are hard to explain via any other medium.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill do a duet of "I Need You" which I actually really did not like when it first came out, mostly because of the one line in it about a needle needing a vein. I thought that was crude and stupid and just put in there to rhyme with rain. Trent didn't like it either for the same reasons. But then one day it came on the radio and he said he had thought about the lyrics and liked the song afterall for the profound meaning he found in the chorus.

I need you, like a needle needs a vein
Like my Uncle Joe in Oklahoma needs the rain
I need you, like a lighthouse on the coast
Like the Father and the Son need the Holy Ghost
I need you

Trent's interpretation:
I need you because I have no purpose in life without you
I need you in order to survive and succeed
I need you to guide me
I need you because I am not complete without you
I need you

I never would have thought of the lyrics in that way but it added such a special meaning to the song. To love someone is to need them in your life.

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