Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love lists. It's no secret. I think most accountants and folks with a mind for organization get a kick out of lists. Sometimes I even put things on lists that I have already done, just so I can then cross them off and feel good about myself. That's why I was so stoked to get this from my mom:

It is a list book. Or at least that is what I use it for. I guess it is really just a skinny notebook. But it is perfect for lists and fits perfectly in the bottom of or along the side of my purse. And it's cute!! I have no idea where she got it...she pulled it out of her random stationery, notebooks, thank you cards and birthday cards drawer at home. (I need to start a random thank you and birthday cards drawer for when peoples' birthdays sneak up on me. Maybe I'll put that on a list) Anyway, my list book so far contains grocery lists, a list of my youth girls to make sure they all got a certain piece of mail from me and that they each get prayed for often, a list of things to spend tax season overtime pay on, a list of things to do a few weekends ago and most recently a list of blog post ideas that have been floating around in my head helter skelter:

-Cameron Park
-Window flowers
-Brazos River
-Waco, TX
-Navy Pier
-Ivy Ave
-Hand in Hand
-Being a husband and wife team in ministry
-More Beautiful You
-Room Remodels?
-AE camera case-crafts
-Chronicles of the Kings-books
-Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood-books

Stay tuned!

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