Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"My" Girls

I put together a youth girls sleepover at my house this past Friday night, with the wonderful help of my friend Gretchen. Several people told me I was "crazy", or "a brave woman" for scheduling it during tax season, and I will admit that I got a little bit stressed out the couple days before it, but it was a total blast and so worth it. Trent and Gretchen helped get ready for it and I took to heart Trent's saying: "You can plan an event all you want, but God may have a different plan for it, so just go with it." Or something like that. We started out planning for three discussion topics and only ended up doing one, but that one was great. Overall, I had a blast and I think the girls had a good time too:

Hahahaha. I heart them so much. These girls bring a lot of joy to my life, whether they realize it or not. Trent often refers to them as "my" girls and I refer to them as my chicas, chickadees, girlies, etc. They are each so sweet and fun and I look forward to each time I get to see them.

So to "my" girls, thanks for being a part of my life and hanging out with me. Remember, you are each a wonderful, unique creation and "there could never be a more beautiful you."



  1. I love you Anna. -Carlie.(:
    This made my day.♥

  2. I love you back miss Carlie. :-)