Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Tax Season in Facebook Statuses

January 24th
Hello tax season...

January 26th
Did tax returns in my dreams last night, and it's only day 3 of tax season. Uh oh...

7:00 - 6:00 Work
6:00 - 8:00 Youth Group
8:30 - 9:00 Work out
9:00 - 9:15 "Oh, hi husband"
9:15 Bedtime

January 27th
6:57 am: rockin out to Flowrida and David Guetta in the parking lot. "The office can't event handle me right now!" Gotta get pumped up for these long days. :-/

February 1
Aaaaand cue the abundance of statuses about the weather. Here's mine: gonna drive slow to work and hibernate in my cube with some tax returns for company.

Just received my first surprise vanilla latte delivery for this tax season from my hubby!

February 4
I literally cried a bit on my way to work on account of not being able to play in the snow. It only snows during tax season.......


February 5
Why am I so sleepy????

February 7
Between tax season and Baylor baseball, Trent and I aren't going to see each other much this spring...

February 12
Training the new interns this morning then probably sleeping/relaxing/doing nothing for the rest of the weekend.

February 14
Oh my gosh it's 10:00...why am I still awake?!

February 15
My macaroni mug is missing. This is not a good thing...

I filed a one hour extension on my bedtime to go on a date to 3 Spoons with my husband who I have barely seen since Sunday...

February 17
The overtime schedule I decided on doesn't work so well when I don't stick to my bedtimes. Exhausted. Can it somehow magically be Friday evening so I can sleep all weekend?

February 20
But I don't want to go to work tomorrow...rawr.

February 25
Oh dear. Is it April 15th yet? We are going nuts already. No, this is not my desk and I did not do it.

February 26
My eyeballs are not working very well today.

February 28
Call up mama when all else fails...

March 3
I am so frumpy during tax season... :-( Oh well.

March 6
Dear sinus junk, please go away and come back after tax season. Or never. Thanks.

March 7
Ugh, not feeling well during tax season is not fun.

March 8
Excited for a fro-yo date with my husband who I haven't seen since lunchtime yesterday. And Caleb.

March 9
My lil cat brings me so much joy in the early mornings when I'm getting ready for work. She follows me around and does silly stuff. :-)

March 10
I miss my husband...

Yay :-)

March 14
11.25 hour work day, made dinner, went on a family walk, did a load of laundry, and watched a movie. I win.

March 15
It's March 15th. Make sure your corporate tax returns are filed or extended.

March 18
She says "I will help you get ready for work mama...zzzzzz..."

March 22
Macaroni tiiiiiiiiime.

March 24
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

March 25
Everything about yesterday felt like it was Friday. Too bad it wasn't. 11 hour day today and probably 4 tomorrow, then I can chill.

March 26
Got to sleep in till 6:45 today, yay. Gettin ready to head to the office. My goal is four hours...we'll see how long I last.

March 29
In exactly three weeks...I will not be at the office.

March 30
Ugh, super pouty this morning.

I wonder if this is what zombies feel like...so zapped.

April 4
I worked 12 hours today. 5 of them were spent searching for $1056.51 error in a giant, handwritten ledger book with almost $14 million net worth. I didn't find it. Oof, will try again tomorrow.

April 6
I think I get a bit bipolar during tax season. Determined and positive, then crying from frustration, then dead tired, then bonkers hyper.

April 7
Dinner. It's been a long day.

Trent just asked if I was going crazy. I told him I wasn't sure. Also, I need to replenish my emergency supply of macaroni...

April 8
Feelin' so fly like a G6. Not. Feelin' so frumpy like a person who just got to work at 6...

April 12
Whoops. I guess that is Italian for "extension estimate". You know you are brain fried when your typos come out in an imaginary language... :-(

Today, I worked 14 hours and my hubby taught me how to make grilled cheese. Pretty great day.

April 13
Went to Focus for a bit to see my hubby, the youth and hear Jimmy Dorrell speak. Now back to the office for some more fun. Tired.

Aprill 15
We are going a little bonkers up here..

Had a client tell me that I ruined their day. I don't have control over how much tax they owe. I like nice people better.

April 16
Slept 12 hours, got breakfast, seriously considering going back to sleep.

April 18
Happy tax day everyone!

Tax season is over! Now back to normal life. At Savannah's softball game. :-)

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