Thursday, April 21, 2011

Remember that time...

Trent and I have lots of silly games and sayings. For example:

~whoever puts their thumbs up last when we sit down to a meal has to pray and if it's a tie we rock, paper, scissors for who prays (I'm pretty sure that's in the Bible somewhere)
~"dork" is interchangeable as a term of endearment or just "hi"
~we often switch the first letters of syllables around in words, so honeymoon is moneyhoon and Whataburger is Batawhurger, etc.

Are you losing faith in our sanity yet?

Well, one little game/saying we have is "Remember that time..." Each of us often randomly asks "remember that time we [fill in the blank]" As in:

Remember that time we got married?
Remember that time we bought a house?
Remember that time we went to Shiner?
Remember that time we went to Chicago?
Remember that time you passed the CPA exam?
Remember that time I lost 12 pounds?
Remember that time my kitty was theeees biiig?

Remembering the time we got married is by far the most popular. They are all obviously big things that happened, that we will not soon forget, so asking the question "Remember that time..." is not really a reminder but rather a "Hey, I was just thinking about our wedding", or "Guess what, I was just thinking about our first anniversary trip." Sometimes it's things that are still very current and present. Like "Hey remember that time you kicked tax season's butt?" Oh, that was last week. It's a fun way to keep these great memories at the front of our minds and share them over and over again.

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