Friday, April 15, 2011

Story Canvas-Navy Pier

Trent and I went to Chicago, IL for our honeymoon. Or, as we like to affectionately call it in our stupid switch-letters-around-in-words game, our "moneyhoon." I know, not a very typical honeymoon location, but we were having such a hard time deciding where we wanted to go. We aren't really beach people, cruises weren't an option since we got married on a Sunday and most cruises left on a Sunday, and we overall didn't want to spend a whole ton of money. My Baylor, roomies, Delicious and Roo, are both from Wheaton, IL so we had heard plenty about Chicago from them. (No their names are not really Delicious and Roo, they are Steph and Rach.) Trent's aunt and uncle also used to live in Aurora, outside Chicago. So we figured, why not? It. Was. Great.

Chicago is home to Navy Pier, hence the title of this post and the entry for it on our story canvas.

Trent and I at the Pier.

Navy Pier from a distance. I wanted to so badly to ride the ferris wheel but it wasn't open for rides when we were there.

Somewhat successful self-taken pic on Lake Michigan. I love this photo.

John Hancock building

The Bean!!!! Very fitting since Trent's middle nickname is Bean. Trento Bean.

When I posted this picture on facebook after our honeymoon, this I think was the first time I referred to Trent as my husband on FB. "Trent immediately started trying to figure out how it was constructed...that's my husband for ya." :-)

Our married reflection in the Bean.

Sears Tower

Up in Sears Tower. Tired from walking ten bazillion miles.

The top of our cute hotel.

Mmmm, Chicago style pizza. Yumm.

So there are a few photos from the most wonderful trip we have every taken together. We plan to go back to the windy city someday, probably stay in the same hotel, eat at Burrito Beach a million times across the street from the hotel (oddly one of our favorite memories of the trip), drink coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, walk until our feet hurt, then realize we could take a bus tour of the city for only $35 instead of walking. Just kidding, we learned that one the hard way and will remember it for next time. Someday we will return to our "moneyhoon" city.

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