Saturday, April 2, 2011

Story Canvas-Brazos River and Waco, Texas

Continuing the story canvas saga, I shall now elaborate on Brazos River and Waco, Texas.

The Brazos River runs through Waco and is part of my history with Trent. Part of the river runs through Cameron Park, which is where Trent and I first met. "Our" steakhouse is on the bank of the river, across from the spot in the park where we first met. Trent proposed on the front of the Spirit of the Rivers boat that used to dock at our steakhouse. Then we had our rehearsal dinner on that same boat, as a dinner cruise. All a surprise from his parents.

The Spirit of the Rivers (RIP)

Me with the love of my life, on the top deck of the Spirit of the Rivers.

My girls with me on the lower deck.

Love them and miss them

We got married the next day and headed to Chicago the day after that for our honeymoon. As we turned our cell phones back on when we landed in Chicago, they were flooded with texts from our friends telling us our boat had sunk that morning! Our group of family and friends were the last ones to ride it. Some say it was a maintenance malfunction. Some say the owner did it on purpose for insurance money. But we all know what caused it to sink:

RIP Spirit of the Rivers!

On to Waco, Texas. Trent and I both came here for Baylor University and managed to go a whole freshman year without meeting each other. Although he swears we were in the same dinner group at the dining hall one night and he thought I was cute. I do not remember this... Also, I noticed the cute guy running a camera in chapel that year that turned out to be him!

So Baylor brought us together but Waco itself made us stay. We really like it here. We have great jobs, a good church, and close friends. It's a great city!

The suspension bridge where he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Can't talk about Waco without a picture of the Alico building...

So that's the story of the Brazos River and Waco, Texas, albeit brief and mostly just pictures. But who doesn't love pictures? The next post about the story canvas, 5-18-08 will be almost all pictures. :-)


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