Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NC Wedding Extravaganza and Family Vacay

July somehow ended up jam freakin packed. Granted it is mostly all good stuff, minus me being by myself for two weeks while Trent was at camp, and some of it is superfantastico stuff yet to come, like NC Wedding Extravaganza and Family Vacation of Amazingness. So I am not complaining at all. But take a gander at my calendar for July. Some of the days can't even fit all the items on them and have little arrow indicating there is mooore:

Eesh. Scary.

And then there is August:

Will you all join me in a collective sigh of relief? Aaaaah. Very nice. So yes, I am looking forward to August, BUT not as much as I am looking forward to my trip to North Carolina this weekend for Rach's NC Wedding Extravaganza 2011. I'm driving to Dallas tomorrow evening to be a bum on Steph's sofa (she loves me, it's ok) for the night, then she and I are flying to Charlotte, NC the next morning to pick up our "special, special" rental car (whatever that means) and begin our trek through the mountains to find the country inn wedding destination. Via a grocery store which we have yet to find and a supplier of ingredients for SWall's Margs, which we also have yet to find. Hurray for GPS and smartphones.

There's the bride-to-be in the middle. Aaaaaw. Here ends the normal pictures for this post pretty much.

It's going to be a great weekend. Get EXCITED!

I'm sure we'll have some special reminiscing about the good ole days at Baylor.

We'll probably take some pretty awesome model-esque photos in our wedding attire.

Hopefully nobody gets too stressed out and we don't have to do any freaking out. (Or passing out.)

We'll probably ponder the importance of Rach's marriage vows to Matt.

Maybe I will share some advice on housekeeping and such for their new casa.

And I am sure we will continue our tradition of lots and lots of SCRUNCHY FACE PICTURES!!!

Don't ask. We don't know how it got started...

And then Rach and Matt will be married, live happily ever after and whisk themselves away to their honeymoon while Steph and I will return to Tejas and the triple digit heat. I think the newlyweds win. The good news is, just three work days later, Trent and I will be whisked away by his parents, along with sister, bro-in-law and little bear nephew, for a four day family vacay to Broken Bow, OK. Hiking, grilling, canoeing, swimming, fishing, hottubbing, relaxing, sleeping. This is our actual cabin:

Mmmmm, yes pleeeease.

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