Monday, August 8, 2011

iPod Pouch and PIF Items

Once upon a time, aka this past April, I knitted a camera case for my coworker, Angela, with the promise of a matching iPod shuffle case, both of which were requested last October. Epic special order fail. But finally, here is the accompanying iPod shuffle case to match:


In other crafty news, in an effort to clean up her craft room of some now unwanted supplies and fabric, my friend Kim gave me the following PIF (Pay It Forward) items tonight, all for just $10. Whoo!

I casually mentioned that I knew she had gotten a bunch of scrap fabric in batches as PIF items from Etsy and, if there was any that came in those batches that she didn't care for, I'd take it off her hands for similar PIF prices. Well, I kind of unleashed a monster because soon she was tearing through her entire craft room, making a big mess, looking for other things I might want. When all the while, truth is, we could probably just rummage in each other's craft rooms whenever we wanted to see if there was anything we could use. Oh well. She had a grand time sorting through stuff and I sat and yessed or no-ed (noed?) things as they came flying at me.

If you are looking for fabric scraps, search PIF Fabric on Etsy. Lots of shops list PIF items that they are just trying to get rid of/pass along for just the price of the listing fee and shipping.

The little square bundle in the picture above is a stack of tiny fabric squares, already cut perfectly to size. I'm either going to have tons of fun with those or get totally frustrated trying to patchwork them because they are so small.

We shall see!

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