Friday, September 30, 2011

Pilgrimage to the Steakhouse 9-30-11

It's September 30th, and that means that around dinner time, Trent and I were found at our steakhouse four our six year anniversary of togetherness!  On September 30th, 2005, Trent took me on our first date.  Click here for last year's blog post about our other trips to the steakhouse. :-)

Normally we dress up a bit, take our time sitting on the patio of the restaurant, enjoy the sunset, maybe stop by the suspension bridge further down the river. This year wasn't all that big a deal, in fact we didn't dress up at all (hence the Winnsboro Powerlifting shirt below) and barely squeezed in an early dinner in between a minor motorcycle vs stupid lady episode, getting the house ready for my parents and sister who are coming in for the weekend, fielding some texts and phone calls to minister to a couple of our youth in need and attempting to attend a Robinson football game that we thought existed but was nowhere to be found, neither at home nor away.   We enjoyed good food, some sunshine, the river and reminisced about our first date and other trips to the steakhouse since. 

Happy 6 years!

I thought he was kissing me...should have known better. :-)


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