Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trent Is Rubbing Off On Me...

Allow me to share an amusing email exchange between me, Trent and Laura, a lovely lady at our church who is going to lead a girls' study with me this Fall.  Trent was first emailing to let us know the books for the study had arrived.

Trent: The books are here.  I can bring Anna's home to her.  Laura, would you like me to bring it by your office?

Me: Yaaay!  Holy smokes, this means I'll be reading FOUR books at once.  When did I turn into Trent?

Laura: It's contagious.  After 16 years of marriage to Wes, I now tell corny jokes.

Me: Does that mean soon I will be walking around singing like a kazoo like Trent was this morning?  Uh oh.

Laura: Anna, there is no way to predict or control how this turns out.  Unfortunately, you are just an innocent victim when it comes to this.  You have my condolences. Kazoo Trent?  Seriously?  What an awesome way to start the day!

Trent: Yes a kazoo.  Y'all crack me up.

So, yes, my husband did spend a morning singing like a kazoo (and several days thereafter), but that's not my point.   Anytime we go to Starbucks to read, I normally bring my one book I'm working through and Trent brings, for example, a fiction book, Christianity book, Bible, phone with news and Nook with multiple additional books at his fingertips.  Maybe he'll just read one in our sitting at Starbucks, but at least he has the option of all the others with him and they are all books he is actively reading.  

I'm reading four books right now!   Ok, maybe the Bible doesn't count as a regular book since it is one that should always be on one's reading list, but I count it in this because it comes with me in my stack o' books that I have been bringing to Starbucks lately to choose from:

When did I turn into Trent with my A.D.D. book reading?  Oh well.  You can check the "I'm Currently Reading..." box in the right column of this blog page to see at any time what books I have my nose in.  The list is long right now!   I'm still reading the Bible in a year and have finally (oh my gosh, so glad) made it to the New Testament.  I am a little ways into Crazy Love, by Francis Chan but it is sort of on hold for Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild, which is the book Laura and I are using for the girls' study in a few weeks.  Homework!  And finally, I am breezing through "Your Time-Starved Marriage" which my mother in law recommended after they used it in their marriage ministry that they lead at their church.  It's a good book  and I am amused that it is a skinny book.  People with a time-starved marriage don't have time for thick books!  Oh wait, I'm reading three skinny books + the Bible.  Hmm.

Anyway.  I heard that your spouse will rub off on you and vice versa and I guess it is true...  Now we both go to Starbucks with our stack o' books to choose from.   Dooooorks.

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