Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adventure Always Strikes During Tax Season

I started to name this post "Disaster Always Strikes During Tax Season" but Trent and I are very blessed and have never had any true disasters.  Besides, I prefer to try to view life as an adventure instead.  BUT.  The transmission on Trent's truck went kablooie during tax season 2009.   Our dishwasher temporarily bit the dust last tax season  and the finale last year was Trent's broken arm from his motorcycle accident on April 8th.

So what's the surprise adventure this year for Tax Season 2012?

Yeeup.  Water damage!!!  Yaaaaaay.  Just kidding.  Not yay.  But it's not as bad as that cartoon makes it out to be.  

Texas was smacked blessed with a ton of rain last night.  As in...YIKES:

Trent and I awoke, however, to find standing water in our closet, bathroom and one end of our den.  Grrrreat.  I initially freaked out, like I am very apt to do.  Trent insisted that I should go on to work in order to get all my overtime hours in and he would clean up the disaster adventure.  So I confirmed with an early bird coworker that there was indeed power at the office since ours had been in and out all night, took a shower, tiptoed into the wet closet and grabbed some clothes, opted for wet hair since my hairdryer was sitting in a pool of water, squished across the soaked carpet in the den and went to work, all the while fighting tears and chanting to myself "I love our house, I love our house, I love our house."  

Trent, the hero of the day, sucked up 30 (thirty) gallons of water from the carpet using our carpet cleaner (one of many times I have wanted to give that machine a hug) and mopped up several more gallons from our tiled closet and bathroom.  Then he set up every fan we own, including his two big woodshop fans, to try to blow dry our soggy dwelling.  I sucked up another two gallons of water when I got home from work today.   Trent had to wear his workboots today because all his other shoes were on the floor of the closet or edge of our room where they got to go for a swim...  

By now you are probably thinking we live in an old house made of paper.  False.   We live in an old house made of cement and wood and such, I promise.  But our bedroom and den used to be a garage.  And when the previous owners decided to ditch the garage, they went about doing so all by their little selves. Therefore we have reverse polarized outlets in abundance (6 in our room alone), sporadically textured walls, no insulation (pretty sure) and apparently water can just mosey on in if it so pleases!  Fail.  

So we have a bit of homework to do to hopefully prevent his from happening again.  But in the meantime my husband got to be my support and hero as usual and I got another lesson in remaining calm during adventurous situations...  The water will dry.  The mud will get cleaned up.  The shoes will air out.  Tax season will go on.   And I'll try not to feel so bad about being a blasphemous Texan and wishing the rain would go away this morning! 


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