Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mid Week Mid Tax Season Rambling

This appears to be one of those tax season nights when, regardless of how much I needed to go to sleep about 45 minutes ago, I have caught a second wind from somewhere.  Probably the fact that I have been running around doing chores and grocery shopping and gas getting since I got off work.  Also possibly due to the fact that Trent left for the spring break youth mission trip today and I never can get to sleep as well when he is not home.  Both of us tend to stay up late when the other is gone.  But my alarm is set for 5:15 am so I better get to sleep somehow soon.  Anyway, as I was carpet cleaning this evening I had a bunch of random thoughts running through my head so I thought I'd compile some of them. 

~My tax season countdown paper chain has gone from looking like this... this...

Yaaay!  And I'm pretty sure most of us are maintaining our sanity pretty well so far, despite some recent evidence to the contrary...

Those are not streamers. They are used ten key tapes.  

~Trent and the youth headed to Galveston today to return to Galveston Urban Ministries where we took the youth last summer.  They are going to have a great time and I can't wait to see all the pictures and hear their stories.  I wish I could have gone with them. 

~Even after almost two years of being in this youth ministry gig, it doesn't get any easier when Trent has to leave for a mission trip, camp or retreat.  Maybe that's good though that I miss him so much.  It shows that he is such a part of my life that things are he is gone.

~At what point does "My parents are coming to visit this weekend, I have to clean the house!" turn into "Of all the visitors I could have, my parents understand the best that I am really busy right now and I am never entirely on top of things on the home front during tax season" ??  After 2.5 hours of cleaning and a grocery run apparently.  Sigh.  They would have understood if the carpet wasn't cleaned...

Well, apparently any other witty thoughts I had are nowhere to be found now...  The good news is I'm now suddenly very, very sleepy which means my second wind has finally died down.   Time for bed. 

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