Friday, March 23, 2012

My Husband Is Homeless This Weekend

I just dropped my husband off at church, told him bye and watched him drive away with some of our youth to go be homeless for the weekend.  Yep, you heard me right.  They are participating in Mission Waco's Poverty Simulation weekend.  I have never done it (no way I could fit that in during tax season) but I understand that it is quite an eye opening experience.   It's one thing to be taught that it is important to help the poor.  It is another thing to live  BE poor for a few days.

So until Sunday around 2:30, I won't really know where my husband is, though he will be in the same city still, and won't have any contact with him.   You may be thinking "Anna, didn't you just do this? Spend several days with him away?"  Yep.  But good news!  This is the last time he has to leave home until JUNE!   (He will then be gone for three weeks out of June...I don't wanna talk about it...)  We'll even have a vacation together in May!  Trent is going to a youth ministry conference in DC for a few days and I am going to visit Rach in NC, then join him in DC at the end of the conference for a few days of vacation together.  I get to see Rach AND go on a trip with my husband.  We haven't gone on a real vacation or trip other than weekend getaways since our honeymoon.  We're treating this as our fourth anniversary trip, since it is the week before our actual anniversary.  Four years?????   Time flies when you are living in a fairy tale...  :-)

While Trent is busy being homeless this weekend, I'll be busy bringing breakfast to my hardworking fellow tax accountants tomorrow morning, working a half day, taking a nap, seeing The Hunger Games movie with Gretchen, having dinner with Gretchen, going to church, maybe working a bit more.  Then before I know it, my husband will be back!

P.S. To those who are wondering how our house is doing since our flood adventure on Monday night, the carpet seems to have dried out pretty well but we still have fans blowing and windows open to let out as much moisture as we can.  Crazy rain!

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