Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Not Pinterested

You may have thought that by now I would have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, since I'm a somewhat crafty creature.  Well, you would be mistaken.

My disclaimer before I continue: I am sufficiently informed about Pinterest since both Steph and Abby have each given me a tour via their log-ins. I think Pinterest is a pretty cool idea.  I know there are people out there who love it and actually create stuff based on ideas from it.   I'm sure there are people who are hopelessly addicted and people who use it occasionally for new ideas or to kill some time browsing.  Wherever you fall on the spectrum, I do not judge you at all.  If you love Pinterest, awesome.  


Reasons I am not on Pinterest and don't intend to be any time soon, if ever:

1. I am already too addicted to my phone because of Facebook and blogs I follow, I do not need another reason to have my face glued to its screen.  Despite my lack of interest in it at the moment, I fear that if I did get into it, I might end up like this...

2. If I pinned fashion items on Pinterest, I for sure don't have time or money or style or body type to recreate such outfits.

3. If I pinned crafty items, I would be newly overwhelmed with my already existing sense of "I don't have time for crafting, whaaaaaa!" and just feel sad about all the beautiful things I could pin but couldn't actually make.

4. If I pinned home decorating, have you seen our house?  It's a hodge podge of homemade or hand-me-down furniture and decor mixed with old paint, older wallpaper, a little mess, a lot of "character" and we. love. it. that. way. 

5. It simply overwhelms me.  It is endless, full to the brim.  I wouldn't know where to begin and I might not know where to stop, therefore I don't want to jump in at all.

6. Overall, I don't want to add thoughts of "I should make that craft", "I should wear that outfit", "I should paint our walls that color", "I should do my hair that cool way" when in reality my current level of craftiness is fine, my wardrobe isn't spectacular but it's fine, our walls are fine and my hair does absolutely nothing but be straight and that's FINE.   Just recently, one of my youth girls posted this picture on Facebook along with the status "Me trying to have cute nails like the girls on Pinterest..."

There's enough opportunity for comparison in this world. I don't really want more...

So, in conclusion, to answer the question:

Nope.  I'm not.

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