Monday, April 30, 2012

Rose Jar #2

Last year I made a Rose Jar from some beautiful flowers from Trent, based on Angela's idea found here and here.  Well, I had the opportunity to make another one, thanks to some random Friday flowers from my husband I found in my car after a long day this tax season.  Sadly, I don't have a picture of them alive and gorgeous, but it was a sweet bouquet of small, pale pink roses along with some kind of tiny bright purple flowers, in a glass vase with some pink tulle tied around it.   He was headed out of town for a youth retreat that weekend and I was headed home to Fredericksburg, so I tucked them in my cupholder for the drive and admired them in the hall bathroom of my parents' house, then carefully toted them back home.   Meanwhile I stole a small mason jar from my mom since I was already planning to make another rose jar out of this sweet gift from Trent.

I chose a small jar this time because my first rose jar is lookin' a lil empty now that the flowers have settled in.  I know it wasn't quite full to begin with since our dog ate some of my roses, but they have settled down even more:

I thought of transferring them to a smaller jar, or adding these roses to the top of my first one, but opted to leave them alone.

Anyway, back to Rose Jar #2.  I saved the pink tulle from the original vase and dried the flowers in my craft room...

Do you like my cowboy boot fan chain pull?  Thanks.  It came with the house.  


I love my husband and the random flowers he gives me.  :-)

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