Monday, July 2, 2012

Blog Remodel - A New Look And Some New Features

You may have noticed the new look that I gave my blog recently.  If you are using a Reader you probably won't see it and that is sad so click on over to the web version to give it a look. 

I didn't just turn everything various shades of my favorite color blue.  I have spent some time reworking a few things behind the scenes that will hopefully make things a lot more easy to navigate around here, find posts that interest you and give me better feedback about topics that are hot or not.   Here is a run down of the updates and a few general tips for blog readers out there.

Home tab
No matter where you end up on this blog, lost in archives or looking for a certain craft project you remember me writing about, you can always click the HOME tab:

This will take you right back to square one, the main front page of the blog that shows the most recent post and other posts in chronological order below it.

About Anna Pie tab
I have added a better "about me" section here, to explain who I am, who Trent is, who we are together, why the heck my blog is called Anna Pie and why I take the time to blog:

I know some of you that read this blog already know me really well, but take a peek at this new section anyway!

Topic tabs
These are topic sections for you to click on and browse through based on what you are interested in or want to look for.   They have been here for a while but they are cooler now.  Before, if you clicked on a topic tab, it did indeed take you to the posts in that section but you had to scroll through whole posts end to end.  Now it's much, much easier to find old posts. The weekend that Trent was at multiple regional baseball games, I was at multiple coffee shops cataloging past posts into these topic tabs.  Now each tab shows the posts in that topic by title, and when you click on each one, it will take you directly to that post.

This is also helpful for me because each of these topic tabs is a separate page now that gets its own stats from Blogger.  This way I can tell what topics get the most interest from y'all.  So click away!

Those are some new features and here are some reminders of stuff that has been here all along.

If you want to scroll through alllllll posts in chronological order, check out the Archives section on the left side of the page.

You can expand sections using the arrows on the left and click on individual posts.

Anyone and everyone can leave comments on posts.  You don't have to have a google sign-in or your own blog or anything like that.  At the bottom of each post, there is a box where you can type your comment, then click on the "Comment as" box.

You can click on Anonymous and just add your name at the end of your comment, or click on Name/URL and enter your name in the little box that pops up.  If you have your own website or blog, enter that in the URL box and your comment will include a link to your site.   I loooooove receiving comments.  What blogger doesn't?  Keep in mind that if a comment is left here instead of facebook, it will stay with the original post forever and always instead of eventually getting lost in a facebook news feed.   Here is an example of what your comment will look like. This is one that Mollie left on my Forever Newlyweds post:

I think that's it! I hope some of these features will make it easier to get around this site or are maybe a tip about things that have been here a while.   Thank you to anyone who has read my blog, clicked on a facebook link to it, commented to me in person about it, commented on my site or simply stalked from a distance.

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