Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thoughts From The Church Van Driver's Seat

Alright, seat pulled forward, mirror adjusted, vanilla latte handy, off to get Trent and our kids!  Let's do this Whitey Bear.

Man this van is tall.  And that back window is like a mile away in the mirror.  It's ok, can't be that much bigger than our family's Excursion and I drove that just fine back in the day.

I wonder how I can get more people to call the church van Whitey Bear.  Hmm.

I get to see Trent soon.  I get to see Trent soon.  I get to see Trent soon.

My cows!

Hey car, back off of my butt, I'm a church van!

"I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe..."

Man that song is catchy.

My cows.

Ew roadkill.

This gas pedal is way too close to the side of the console.  I'm driving with the edge of my foot.  Maybe if I take off my sandal that will help...

Ha, there's still sand in here from the Galveston mission trip.

I have to pee already.  Seriously?  Lame.

My cows...

I'm cold.  *turns AC down*

The van's bass kind of stinks.  Oh well, it's trying.


Ok, the My Cows game isn't as much fun by myself.  At least I'm winning.

I'm warm.  *turns AC up*

I feel kind of dumb in this giant van all by myself.

Oh man, Corsicana road construction.  Think skinny thoughts, Whitey Bear!

"Ain't nothin' bout it luck, there's somethin' bout a truuuuuck..."

I hope Trent had a good week.  Lucy will be so glad to see him when we get home.

I'm cold.  *turns AC down*

My cows.

I'm warm.  *turns AC up*

There's the camp entrance!  Yayayayayayayay!

I'm about to see Trent.  I'm about to see Trent.  I'm about to see Trent!

Oh this road is skinny.  And here comes a car.  Aaaaand we're off roadin' in the church van, whoo hoo.

Ok I'm gonna park,

There's the that's a big group.

Where's Trent? Where's Trent? Where's Trent?

Aha, there's his big Aussie hat.  Found him.

I love that man, Aussie hat and all.  Time to go claim my hug and kiss, load up, turn this van around and head HOME!

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