Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lazy Days Are Important

Trent and I haven't had a truly lazy day at home since sometime in May.  It didn't help that Trent was gone for 3/4 of June for mission trip, Niners camp and Chi Rho camp.    Well today was indeed a lazy day, mostly at home.   And days like this are very important to have sometimes, for life in general but especially if you're in ministry.  It can be quite a pull on your schedule and your time together as a couple or family.  It's good to unplug sometimes and just BE together. 

Our day began at the Bosque River before 8 am where we had an appointment with our fishing poles.   I haven't caught a fish since I got my rod and reel last year and have maintained an opinion that there are NO fish in Waco.  Well, my opinion changed this morning!

As comfortable as I look in that picture, I was kind of freaking out and very quickly handed my fish over to Trent as soon as the picture was taken.  In fact, when it hit my lure, I said "Uh...babe?  I think I caught a fish...what do I do?!"  Ugh, dumb question.  "Just reel it in babe. I'm coming!"   He came to my rescue, got it off the hook and laughed at my squeaks and squeals that my little fish created.   I was grinning from ear to ear.

So I guess there are fish in Waco.  Or at least there is one fish.

The rest of our day included a few chores around the house, grillin' burgers for lunch, some reading, some mindless tv, some laughing at our furry children, and a trip to Home Depot to daydream about home improvement projects that we can't quite afford yet and to look at grass seeds to see if we can figure out how to make grass grow in our yards.

Then it rained really well which is always, always, always a blessing in our neck of the woods.

And now we are wrapping up our lazy day by watching The Lion King.   Yes, I know, we're 25 and 26, not 5 and 6.  Hakuna matata!

When was the last time you had a lazy day at home?

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