Wednesday, October 30, 2013

9 Reasons I Love Jazzercise

1. The focus isn't on weight loss or being skinny.  The focus is on being healthy. Losing weight is just a bonus.

2. Attendance is made up completely of normal looking women, of all ages, occasionally including a 7-ish year old.

3. It's a safe place to shake my booty and "shimmy the girls".

4. The instructors are such kind, funny women.

5. It truly is a good full body workout.  We get sweatay, let me tell ya.

6. We get pelted with positive phrases like "y'all are looking awesome", "look at all you sexy women out there", "we're so glad you're here today", "work those cute little booties", and "God bless ya!"

7. If we are invaded by zombies, we have been taught plenty of good punches and round house kicks...or we can just stun them to death with our stellar dance moves.

8. It's the only place where leggings really can appropriately serve as pants.


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