Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Life After Church Ministry

It has been two and a half months now since we remodeled life as we had known it for three years.  We stepped out of the realm of church ministry and into the realm of grad school and preparing for foster care.  Though we have gotten used to our new routine, there was plenty of change to grapple with in the meantime.

The biggest change is obviously that we are no longer surrounded by teenagers all the time.  Trent is volunteering a little bit with the youth at our new church, but it's pretty minimal.  He likes being in volunteer mode with it which allows him to say "Sorry can't come this time" if he has too much homework or something going on.   And me?  No teenagers for me.  When we stepped out of church youth ministry, I made the decision to turn my focus to foster care and pour myself into that.

Without regular Wednesday youth group as a midweek marker, my week days run together like crazy!

We lost a paycheck but are staying afloat just fine.  More on that later.

It's October 16th and we have not seen or touched a pumpkin yet this month.  Whoa.

Our weekends are actually weekends again, which is really nice, not gonna lie.

Trent has homework, reading, studying and a 99% average in his Greek class.  His nerdy soul is thriving.

He has been getting to know good people over there in seminary land.  Good professors, advisors and fellow students.  Different ages, different experiences, some married, some not. Some from around here and one from Australia.  All learning, searching, growing and being challenged.

We miss our kids.  A lot.  But we hope they are in good hands, we think of them often and are grateful for Facebook as a way to keep up with their lives.

Things are good.  Things are really different from what we were so used to, but it's good. We're rocking and rolling, living life, loving life and just continuing to see what God has in store for us each day.