Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dear Young Women, Please Explain The Giant T-shirt Trend To Me

Dear Young Women,

I need some help.  I just don't get this giant T-shirt trend.  You know what I'm talking about...the XXL t-shirts with the shoulder seams halfway to your elbows and the hem halfway to your knees, most commonly worn with covering up Nike or knock-off running shorts and often paired with an intentionally messy and even sometimes greasy looking ponytail.   Exhibit A:

The other night Trent and I stopped at the Student Union Building at Baylor for some dinner before heading to the library to crank out our autobiography packets for CPS.  Our quest for a hamburger was nearly derailed by our encounter with a massive, high pitched gaggle of sorority girls outside the food court.  ("Oh my gawd, I'm like so glad to see you! I haven't like seen you in like two ooweerrrs!")  BUT, for the sake of our tummies and the opportunity for me to take this stalkerish blogger photo, we braved the onslaught.

Notice anything?  They are ALL sporting the giant t-shirt.

Girls, I tried to think of what purpose it serves or why this trend is so popular, but this is all I came up with:

A) You girls are modest and don't want boys to be looking at your bodies so you obscure your figure in a sack.

B) You girls really aren't modest and do want boys to be interested in your bodies, therefore forcing the boys to wonder "Hmmm, does she actually have shorts on under that long shirt?"

C) You work out all. the. dang. time.

D) You don't actually have any other clothing and are therefore forced to go through your day wearing your pajamas.

E) Your regular fashion life is just so overwhelmingly fabulous that you often have to go to the other extreme of baggy shirts and messy ponytails to take a break.

F)  You want to give off the impression that you spend many schmexy nights at your boyfriend's and live a perpetual "walk of shame" back to your place wearing his too-big-for-you shirt.  (Psst, sweetie, having your sorority name all over the too-big-for-you shirt kinda gives away the fact that it's not actually his shirt.)

That's all I got.  Girls, please enlighten me.  In the meantime, I'll stick with my size medium shirts that actually fit me...


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