Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Forgetful People Should Not Be Foster Parents

Ok, yes they should be, because they're needed.  But they'll need a lot of post-it notes, phone reminders and writing on the back of their hand.

I present to you a smattering of the many things to remember as foster parents...

1. Medicine logs
If I never saw another bottle of Amoxicillin again, I would be juuuust fine with that.   "Attached is Sister's medicine log from recent round of antibiotic for ear infection."   "Attached is Brother's log for recent round of antibiotic for strep."  "Attached is Brother's med log for antibiotic for unknown swollen, purple ear." (See #6 below)  "Attached is Sister's medicine log for chest congestion."   Etc, etc.

2. CCS daycare subsidy check in and out
Swipe card, enter PIN, previous check-in, enter date, enter time, enter AM, enter 01 for Brother, enter 02 for Sister, Submit.  Swipe card, enter PIN, checkout, enter 01, enter 02, done.   Now, did I do this yesterday.........

3. Form to fill out at doctor checkups
"Dear Social Worker, attached is the form for Sister's 9 month checkup.  If it appears crinkly and soggy looking, that's because it is.  I had to dart into the house in the rain and fetch the form out of our binder on my way to get Sister from daycare for her appointment."

4. Kids' social worker's monthly visits at our house
"OMG, Katy, the kids' social worker is coming at 5:00 today!"
"I'm on it."
This means coming home at 4:55 with kiddos to a lovely, clean house.  Saved by the sister.

5. Our FAD worker's monthly visits at our house
"Katy, our social worker is coming at 7:30 tomorrow morning, in case you prefer not to come out of your room in pajamas."

6. Updating social worker and lawyer if anything serious, or anything that could be misconstrued as serious, happens
Gist of email to social worker and kids' attorney: "Attached is a picture of Brother's ear, as of 6 pm yesterday evening.  Daycare found it to be swollen and purple at 3 pm.  Neither daycare, nor doctor, nor us knows what caused it, but he got antibiotics to treat or prevent infection and we are monitoring it closely.  I have also attached a completed incident report."  

Translation: "Though we have no explanation for why his ear looks like this, we did not hurt this child and are letting you know in real time that we are covering our bases to ensure he is ok and therefore also covering our own booty."

7. Diaper bag on Mondays for parent visits, in addition to daycare bags and bags of diapers for the week, but only if social worker is transporting to visit, otherwise diaper bag needs to go in my car for me to transport with them...
Text to social worker: "Slight whoopsie in the morning bustle and the tan diaper bag did not get left at daycare for you.  Trent is going to take it to the CPS office before 9:00.  So please look for that at your office, not at the daycare. Sorry!"

8. Outlet covers, locked medicine cabinet, cleaning supplies out of reach
Because Residential Childcare Licensing (RCCL) could come at any time to scope us out for these and other technicalities.

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