Monday, April 20, 2015

My Little Blog, How I Have Missed You

Oh, hi there.  I'm back among the living again.  Well, mostly.  I'm probably going to post this then go to bed before 9 pm because one does not recover quickly from a tax season like thissa one with 92 (ninety-two) hours clocked in the final week of it.   But hey.  I did my best and I survived.   I was a terrible mother who barely saw her kids for three weeks but, shocker, they still love me.   I was a ghost of a resident in our house, coming and going in darkness, but now I'm back.  

I took two days off, washed my van (did you know it is actually red??), made a dent in cleaning our house, wore out my washer and dryer, paid a lot of dollars for a haircut, refrained from wearing makeup and actually hung out with my kids and husband for once.  

I also had breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Kristin because we had the following conversation many, many times during tax season, while stuck in our cubes:

Kristin: Omg, all I want in life right now is Cracker Barrel pancakes.
Me:   Shut up. 

So we got ourselves some freakin pancakes on April 16th. 


I decided in February that I wanted to be a real blogger.  That was a ridiculous time to decide such a thing and of course it got back burnered along with the rest of life for 2.5 months.   Then this weekend someone told me "I want your writing to go viral" and I said "So do I" and then the wedding reception we were seated at literally blew away in a storm so that was sadly the end of that conversation.   

All that to say, I'm back.  And bear with me.   As I catch things up around here, all the way from buying a sofa to our CPS case getting derailed. As I stumble about trying to make my blog look legit.  As I try out ways to put myself out there.  As I get to know the writer in me once again.  She got stuck in a broom closet for a while hollering to get out but five bajillion tax returns were blocking the door. 

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