Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting Ready for A Homemade Christmas

You may remember a little while back when I said here that my lack of posts about crafts was not because I wasn't working on any.  On the contrary, Trent and I have been planning since this summer to have a homemade Christmas for our immediate family members, meaning we make each of their gifts.   We've been chipping away at them for a few months now and have really cracked down in the last couple weeks to get all the supplies, get them made, finished, wrapped and ready to go!  We are headed to Fredericksburg for Christmas with my family this weekend and then to Winnsboro the next for Christmas with Trent's family.

For some hints, I have been working a lot with these:

And Trento has been working a lot out here, with his lil helper Lucy:

I can't WAIT to show you what we have come up with, mostly what my husband has made.  He's got crazy woodworking skillz y'all. I am super duper impressed and proud of him.  Stay tuned for some after Christmas posts about our homemade Christmas!


  1. Wow, now that I see the picture... I really need to clean up my shop :(

  2. Yeah it's kind of a wreck babe. Jk, jk, you've been working hard out there!