Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Homemade Christmas Part 2 - Woodworking

Time for round two of our Homemade Christmas reveal!  This is the woodworking edition.  Trent made a lot of awesome items for our dads, brother/bro-in-law and one for his mom.   This post will be much less wordy than the previous prayer shawl post because I really don't know any how-to info about woodworking.  Plus, I'm pretty sure the people reading this blog aren't going to then pop out to their personal woodshop in the back yard and start making all these projects.  If someone out there does actually want more information about any of these, hit me up in the comments section (or real life) and I can pass you along to my talented woodworker husband for a tutorial.

~Cutting board for my brother John

Red oak and poplar wood

~Cross for my dad

Beech wood

~Pocket knife with handmade wooden handle for our bro-in-law James

(that's baby Trent in the picture behind James!)

Ebony wood

~Martin house for Trent's dad

Just half inch plywood

and paint...

I painted the roof

We gave him a bird ornament to unwrap

Then brought in the martin house

which ended up too big to wrap

We painted it to look just like their own house, white with a red roof

I think he likes it!

~Toy box for Asher Boy

Lucy helped...ok not really

I painted the letters

My cat baby helped...ok not really

Then the O committed suicide when nailed on and we had to get another O

Beech wood and wooden craft letters with acrylic paint

He (well, K'lee) opened it, then he promptly tripped and bonked
his head on it.  But he was ok after a bit.

~Noah's Ark for his momma

in progress


Rough cedar wood from John and Donna's own land

Hand carved animals from World Cup Cafe's fair trade market in Waco

The roof comes off and there are steps down into the boat

G'night animals
There you have it.  Doesn't my husband have ka-razy woodworking skillz?  I'm very proud of him. :-)


  1. WOW!! All of that is amazing!! I think I may need to commission him for a toy box for Olivia!! That was too cute. The boy has skills!! Who makes a a pocket knife from scratch????

    Angela Ragan

  2. Well he bought the metal knife blank and just made the wooden handle. But still. He's available for commission work if you are interested!