Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Thought A Day For Five Years

I bought something super cool today.  Or at least I think it's super cool...Trent gave it an "uh...that's neat...I guess."

It is a a five year "thought a day" journal. 

Each page is dated and has one little space to write each day, thoughts or events or what took place, for five years.

You fill in the rest of the digits for the year (12, 13, etc) and write a blurb for each day then the next year through it you go to the next row.  Eventually you have five years of memories and thoughts.

I'll start it January 1, 2012.   Might be a cool gift idea for any nostalgic memory keeping folks in your life, especially since a new year is about to start.   I found it at Barnes & Noble for $16.99 and there was another one there with a different look and size but still the same idea. 

Cool huh?  

I just noticed that I randomly flipped to March 15th in my pictures above.  Oof, pretty sure those boxes will all probably contain something like "Survived another tax deadline.  Come oooon April 15th."

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