Friday, December 9, 2011

The Secret To Keeping Your House Clean

Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered the secret to having a clean house and keeping it that way.   

You ready for it?

The secret: host a weekly Bible study.  

You may think those don't go together at all, but since we started having our church's Advent Bible study at our house on Thursday evenings these past two weeks, our house has been in pretty decent shape and hasn't had a chance to fall apart in between given the short turnover time.  We did indeed do a pretty thorough cleaning job gradually over the Thanksgiving break to get ready for the first Bible study the following week, but since then it has simply been about maintaining instead of overhaul cleaning.   Some vacuuming, making sure the kitchen is clean, a guest bathroom once over, picking up a few stray shoes and there you have it! Ready for folks to arrive.   If we keep this Bible study going, which we hope to do past Advent, we'll keep having these scheduled doses of regular cleaning, throw in dusting, carpet cleaning and more heavy duty stuff on the weekends as needed and we'll be good to go!

I must admit though that our bedroom is a disaster and I'm super glad it's way at the back of the house and can be shut off from company!  I think most houses have that room with the door shut when company comes over that are a hidden wreck.  Some attack mode laundry time this weekend will have it looking better in no time.

Speaking of weekend, yaaaaaaaaay! 

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