Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CPA Pearls

When Trent and I went to Fredericksburg at the end of June to see my little sister's play, it was a week after my CPA Swearing In Ceremony in Austin.  My mom surprised me with a small gift, in a pretty white box with a sweet note.  

I opened it and found a beautiful pearl drop necklace: 

Then this past weekend when I was in San Antonio visiting my sisters, two of whom live there now, Mom and Dad brought Abby to SA and we all had dinner together at Sarah's apartment.  Mom was in Pennsylvania recently visiting Grandma and passed on a little gift bag to me from Grandma.

Pearl stud earrings to match!

So these are my CPA Pearls.  I rarely wear random jewelry.  All my jewelry, unless purchased to go with a specific random outfit, has a special meaning or was a gift.  This set of pearls is now a special addition to my jewelry collection and I love wearing them.  Thanks mom and Grandma!

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