Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tiny Quilt Squares!

You may remember the other week when Kim tore up her craft room to pass on some PIF items to me and I ended up with a bunch of fabric, ribbon and other random craft supplies for cheapo.  Well part of that was a bundle of tons of tiny quilt squares that I have been super excited about playing with and making a small quilt out of.  It also included a few yards of maroon corduroy fabric which I plan to use as backing or extra solid squares. So I have spent some time in my craft room over the past few days arranging and rearranging these little squares several different ways on the corduroy.  Here are some patterns I have come up with so far. Anywhere the maroon shows through would be a patch of corduroy.  

pretty basic
Currently my fave and uses up all but about three squares

scaled down version of #2

kinda strange...

this looks cool but would be murder to actually attempt...way too many seams and corners to worry about

kinda cool but I think I'd rather make square-ish patches instead of rows/rings

variation of #6
Which one is your favorite?  Cast your vote. One, two, three, go.

Here is my kitty's favorite:

P.S. Just how tiny are these tiny quilt squares?

They are just 2.5 inches. That can allow a healthy quarter inch seam allowance on each side which will knock the finished size down to just 2 inches.  Yipes.  I have some precise and small scale work to do.  And I can't wait!

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