Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Evidence that I have been a blog slacker. An email convo with Angela:

Angela:   I need more blogs.

Anna: Yes ma'am. I have a bunch in my head, just haven't had time to post them!  It seems when your husband works for a church, so do you...

Angela: I don't want excuses!  I want to be entertained!!

Anna:  Ah!  Ok. I'll do better I promise.  Stay tuned for CPA Pearls, Tiny Quilt Squares!, My Sister Sarah's Snazzy San Antonio Studio Apartment, Carlie and The Purple Sheep Bunny...  That's all I've got lined up at the moment.

Angela: Nice. Very intriguing!

Anna: Happy to oblige my adoring fan(s?). 

Stay tuned...