Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Sister Sarah's Snazzy San Antonio Studio Apartment

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to San Antonio this past weekend for Sauer Sisters' Reunion 2011.  This sort of unofficially replaced the beach weekend we have done the past two years, for which none of us had enough time or money this year.  So we all met up in SA, where Katy and Sarah live now.  Mom and Dad brought Abby for dinner and left her with us for a few days.  We had a grand time, and I was very impressed by Sarah's adorable, artsy, very uniquely decorated studio apartment, so much so, that I asked permission to take pictures of some details for my blog.  She then said "You think I'm the artsy one, but I don't have a blog.  Go for it."  So I got out my little point and shoot pocket camera and pretended to know what I was doing as I popped around the one room loft and snapped pictures of things that I thought were cute, cool, fantastic and so very Sarah. 

Without further ado, welcome to Sarah's apartment:

Pretty dried flowers on the freezer door

Original art at the end of the hallway

Close up of wood press relief (not sure if that's correct term) and fun insta-camera photos

Ladder to the attic/loft area

Antique fan sitting on what used to be an old refrigerator, with a cool old camera next to it

ABC of Men's Fashion and yet another cool old camera

Thread!  And a huge work lamp she's had forever.

Work desk.

Dress form for the snazzy clothes she designs, makes and alters

Typewriter on the coffee table.  Pretty sure it works.

She's the crazy plant lady in her courtyard area.  Plant shelves made with boards and old milk crates.

Patio table and chairs

When I asked her what the E is for, she said she's pretty sure it was used in science experiments.  ??

Everyone has a loom leaning on the back of the sofa, right?

Nifty industrial lights of some kind slung over the AC pipe

Abby up in the loft!  We told Sarah she should sleep up there.  She promptly reminded us that she sleepwalks...

Her very own throwing room in an extra closet for pottery making

Old radio

Close up of thread

It's a table.  And it's a radio?  Also her neat bags and boots.

Comfy bed with homemade duvet cover

Which looks straight into the kitchen!  The joys of a studio apartment.

There you have it.   Thanks for crashing Sawi's apartment with me.  Toodaloo.

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