Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Can Do It

I recently wrote about how important it is to have the habit of encouragement in your marriage and other relationships.  Be in tune with your spouse (or friend, family member, you fill in the blank) in order to know what he or she is going through.  Show them an uplifting, positive, and regular attitude of encouragement to help them get through whatever that might be.

But...what about yourself?  Do you find yourself extending the same thoughts of encouragement to yourself or do you normally just go with the flow, even when things are hard, or even worse, beat yourself up about things?  I think it is equally important to encourage or pep talk yourself through hard times.

I started official tax season overtime of 55 hours a week this past Monday.  I fit my hours into the weekdays and work from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm with a half hour lunch and don't come in on the weekends until the very end of the season. Whew.  I totally get into this routine after a little bit but the first week is usually a bit rough, not gonna lie.  On Monday my alarm clock went off super early and I groaned inside a bit as I got up.  I immediately began a personal pity party.  Turns out the shower is a good place to cry because you can immediately or even simultaneously wash your face...  After a bit, I thought "what the heck, this isn't going to help anything. Snap out of it. This is your fifth tax season Anna, you can do this!"

I actively and intentionally changed my attitude from a pity party to a pep rally.  And...it worked.

By the time I was headed out the door and on my way to the office, I was ready to DO THIS!   Now, does that mean I was suddenly alert and awake and ready to tackle a hundred tax returns in one day?  No.  I got Starbucks on the way to work and that helped (and the barista gave me a great pep talk).  Does that mean I'm not concerned about long weeks and tiring days? No.  Just because I've been at this a few years doesn't mean it's easy.    Does that mean I'm not looking forward to the April tax deadline?  Oh heck, bring it on.  I even created a tax season countdown paper chain with Abby when she visited me last month to be a fun visual way to see how much tax season I have left...

Yellow is February, blue is March, white is April, green means weekends
and red means tax deadline!  I tear one off each day.

I'm realistic about these challenges, but I'm trying to keep it positive. Being intentional about encouraging yourself can do a lot of good for your overall outlook on life.  Try it out.


  1. Oh Anna, how my heart hurts for you because I know your pain. Spring will be here soon enough! I love that you made a paper chain! I guess the one good thing about busy season is it makes us appreciate the other times so much more! I love that you encourage yourself. I tend to forget myself when it comes to encouragement. Thanks for being a great example!

    1. Always nice to know there are other tax peeps out there that can commiserate. We will emerge victorious!