Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two Months Without A Microwave

Our microwave died...in December...  It took us two months to get another one, partly because of money, partly because of time, and partly because we have a designated hole in our cabinets for a microwave so it must be of prescribed proportions.  We glanced at microwaves at several places along the way but they were all too expensive or the wrong size.  Fiiiiinally about two weeks ago, thanks to a surprise refund check from State Farm and a free evening together, we trekked to Walmart, where we almost never go anymore, and bought a microwave!   ...only to get it home and realize it was too deep for the hole (the one dimension we failed to note) and a front corner was busted up, probably from being dropped.  Fail.  In the ensuing week, I had some time when I could have taken it back and exchanged it but I wasn't going to try to lift the thing.  So it took us yet another week to get back to Walmart.  Thankfully we were able to exchange the busted up microwave for a bit smaller and bit cheaper one.

Remember my new friend Emerson in my craft room?  Well, he has his own new, sleek, modern friend now:

Don't you just adore our gold plated outlet?

Yaaaaay, we have a microwaaaaave!   Things we learned from two months without one:

~I think my family is the only one is the world that uses the work "mikey", as in "put it in the mikey" or "mikey it".

~Frozen microwave meals are overrated. 

~Non-liquid leftovers can be warmed up in the oven on a cookie sheet.  Who knew? (JK, I knew)

~Youth Christmas parties and Superbowl parties are a little tricky without one.

~30 minutes at 350 degrees, therefore...

~30 minute tax season lunches are nearly impossible without a mikey.  I'm glad we have one again now that I am in the thick of it.

So hurray for the return of modern technology to our kitchen but also hurray for two months of quality time with our cantankerous oven, learning to live without one of our kitchen luxuries (although our old kitchen in general is far from luxurious), and learning that food doesn't have to be ready at the speed of life...I mean light.  Oh wait, I think those are the same.  

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