Saturday, June 30, 2012

What I Did While Trent Was At Chi Rho Camp

Trent's home. Trent's home. Trent's home. Trent's home.  Did I mention that Trent is home??

To keep up the pattern set by this post from mission trip week and this post from Niners camp week, here's what I did while Trent was at Chi Rho camp:

Ate more pasta

Caught up on So You Think You Can Dance

Gretchen came over for:



I went over to Gretchen's for

I totally failed at completing Operation Deep Clean 2012.   Like, epic fail.  Combination of being busy and just not wanting to tackle the rest of it.   Can you even tell the couple things I actually accomplished since Niners week?


But this morning I set off in the church van to collect my husband and our Chi Rho campers and bring them home.

And now he is back.  Aussie hat and sweaty suitcase full of camp laundry and everything.  We took a three hour nap, ran around town, watched some tv, and are about to do a bedtime crossword.  I have missed those.   It's good to be back to normal.

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