Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Perfect Little Human Shares My Name

Earlier this year, when K'Lee was still pregnant with our niece, I texted her (K'Lee, I didn't text the baby) to ask if they had a name picked out yet.  She told me that they had decided on Hope for her first name and were thinking about JoyAnna for her middle name.  K'Lee asked me "Would you mind sharing your name?"  At the time I was very flattered and texted back that of course I didn't mind!  

Hope was born around 8:00 am, so I was at work when we began getting texts that she had arrived and that everyone was doing fine.  Grander texted me her name, all put together: Hope JoyAnna. And that's when it really hit me.  

A new life, a perfect little human shares my name... 

I cried.  Oh I cried.  I sat at my desk and smiled and stared at that text message, but mostly I cried.  It was one of those moments at work when I wished I had an office door I could close, when I hoped nobody picked that moment to pop by my cube to discuss state apportionment factors or e-file diagnostics.  Sure enough, nobody did, but I realized that even if they had, I would simply tell them that I was overwhelmed with joy because my sweet niece had arrived and...she shares my name...

What an honor.
What a challenge. 

I pray that I can live up to it, that I can embody grace, love, kindness, maturity and Christlikeness, that I can be an example of a Godly woman to my sweet niece, sweet Hope JoyAnna.

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