Friday, November 29, 2013

Dear Men, A Note On Living In A House With A Woman

Dear Men,

Come 'ere, let's have a little chat about living in a house with a woman.  You know, that cute, complicated being to whom you committed life and love and square footage.

At any given time, there may be sneakers by the dresser, slippers by the bed, flats on her feet...and more sneakers, slippers, slip-ons, sandals, flats, flip flops, high heels, peep toes, pumps, rain boots, riding boots and high heel boots in the closet.

There will most likely be tearful PMS episodes that you can't fix or explain and neither can she.

There will probably be froo froo decor sitting around that you see zero need for.

There may be times when your sweet comments about her being beautiful just the way she is are met with "mmm okay" and "if you say so", making you want to holler "Why don't you believe me?!"

There will be chick flicks.  They are inescapable.  Sorry.

There will for sure be more booty grabs and hopeful, suggestive comments attempted by you than there are times she takes you up on them.  Then why does she keep wearing those tight workout leggings around the house???  I know, cruel.

There may be chores or projects you take care of that go unnoticed because she's too busy complaining about socks or something.

And she will probably want to take a picture of everything...

Men, how about you cut your women some slack and allow them to be...women.

I don't mean build yourself a literal Man Cave where you must take shelter from a constant stream of tears, nagging, denials and shoe purchases.

What I mean in a house with a woman can be frustrating, annoying and complicated at times.  But you are not living with a robot, programmed to match, mirror and suit your every nuance and need, despite what that Stepford Wives movie may have portrayed.  And you are not living with yourself.  You are living with another human being and that human being is different from you. You committed to share life together, for better or worse, for successful booty grabs or PMS tears.

Men, you live with a woman. Don't be so surprised when she acts like one.  :-)


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