Sunday, November 17, 2013

Overwhelmed By Generosity aka "I Told You She'd Cry"

Keith:  I told you she'd cry.
Misti: If she didn't cry, I was gonna cry.
Kristin: If she didn't cry now, I'm sure she'd cry later as she's blogging about this.

And so friends, here we are.  It appears I am predictable.  And weepy.

On Friday afternoon, I moseyed across the parking lot with some coworkers for a Starbucks break (well, break for them, I was signed out and headed home early!), where I was handed a white envelope out of the blue.  The contents of said envelope made my hands shake, my voice fail me and my eyes well up with crocodile tears that promptly spilled over.

WHAT?!  Unknown to me, the fine folks at my office pulled together almost $500 for a Target giftcard for us, then stashed it in a personally signed card that we will cherish always.  

Keith: We did a giftcard because we didn't really know what y'all will need.
Me:  We don't know what we will need either! 

This giftcard could be baby bottles and diapers or it could be twin size bed sheets and 1st grade school supplies. 

This could be pretty pink dresses or camo pants. 

This could be onesies for a 6 month old or sneakers for a 6 year old. 

Or...all of the above at the same time.  

We don't know yet what our initial scramble will look like once we get a placement, and that is why this gift is perfect. But you know what truly touches my heart?  The card.  The well wishes, the blessings, the signatures and the love of the many, many people that rallied together to bless us with this gift.  

This card is such an encouragement to us and is hanging out on our organization station in our kitchen...right next to our properly documented and displayed fire escape plan...

And for the record, Kristin, I didn't cry while writing this post.  It's all smiles now.

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