Thursday, November 21, 2013

To The Mother I Saw In The Grocery Store

Dear sweet stranger in the grocery store, I just want you to know that I noticed the smile radiating from your pretty pale face mirrored in the sweet dark eyes of the little girl at your side.

I heard her lovingly call you "mama".

I saw her slip her small, chocolate brown hand into your creamy white one.

I could tell there may be more to your family's coming-together story than others'. 

I watched with a smile on my face as you joined her in weighing the options of which chips to purchase, finally making a decision with gravity and glee.

I saw you dance yourselves and the cart down the aisle away from me, your daughter in front of you clinging to the handle, as you both sung a tune. 

I wanted to dance over to the eggs along with you to see what such a sweet pair would do next.

As I exited the store, I want you to know that I saw you there outside the door, full cart of groceries momentarily forgotten, crouched down at your daughter's level, engrossed in an explanation of the dollars and cents on the outdoor items' big price tags.

I couldn't shake you from my heart for the rest of the evening and found myself grinning as I recalled the devotion, sincerity and fun that permeated your interactions with your daughter.

Carry on, sweet family.

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