Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things I've Been Trying To Work On Lately

Buying fresh produce
This is somehow a novelty to me.  Besides peppers, tomatoes, onions and occasional fruits, we are not that accustomed to buying fresh produce. Upside: It can be sooo cheap.  Also the whole good for your body thing. Downside: Turns out these perishable items, well...perish.  I'm learning the hard way to use 'em or lose 'em if I let them sit too long more than a few days.   So far we have ventured into the land of acorn squash, cauliflower, fresh garlic, new potatoes and brussel sprouts (I've never cooked them myself even though we go way back seeing as I'm German and all).  The verdict so far: yum.

Thorough grocery shopping
I recently figured out how to grocery shop.  Please don't laugh.  I don't mean that I didn't grocery shop at all before.  I just mean that I didn't really know where a lot of stuff is, didn't know how to menu plan or make good lists and wasn't actually willing to pay enough per trip to have stuff at home we will actually want to cook and eat.  I'm no longer winging it but rather approaching the store with a plan, regularity and a bigger budget line item.  Results: We are eating out at restaurants wu-hay less, which more than makes up for the bigger grocery spending.

Regular cooking
I already told you, please don't laugh!  We are in a new routine or chapter of our life right now.  The chapter before this called for lots of hurried meals, food on the fly, "we don't really have any food at home because we didn't have time to grocery shop so let's just go get something", and "we've barely seen each other in three days, let's go out to eat for a little date even though we do have food at home."  But now? I get off at 5 and may or may not go to Jazzercise which lasts until 6:30.  Trent gets home at 7:30.  Regular schedule + time in between me getting home and Trent getting home = time for me to make dinner.   Dinner almost ready when Trent comes through the door = no reason to go grab something and spend money.  Win, win, win.

Figuring out what church is
This is an interesting time for me.  For the past few years, church was going, doing, planning, pouring, and following along on our adventures in youth ministry lead by my husband.  But now?  For a short time at least, I need church to be arriving, sitting, soaking up, and leaving.   Amidst this I'm figuring out what church is to me as an individual, instead of me as the youth minister's wife.  I'm learning that my experience of church for the past few years isn't automatically indicative of what it will be from now on. I'm stepping timidly through a time of searching and change.  And I'm blessed to have a husband and a pastor both willing to engage in these conversations with me.

Enjoying this calm season
My routine is pretty stellar right now.   My work hours are regular, aka, only 40 a week.  My only extracurricular activity is Jazzercise, which I love.   I have time to grocery shop and cook as described above.  I have read six books in the past month (which completely boggles my mind).  I know this calm spell is going to fly right out the window the instant we get "the call" for our first foster placement, so I'm trying to really be aware of it and enjoy it while it's still hanging around.  In a way, I'm letting my soul rest up for the road ahead.

What are some things y'all are working on?

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