Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Money Is Replaceable

My mom has taught me many valuable life lessons over the years, like how to "Go! Fight! Win!" at life, how to selflessly serve others, how to be silly and laugh, how to pick apart a whole boiled chicken, how to sew curtains and how to talk to strangers without hiding behind her.

She also taught me this lesson: Money is replaceable.

When I embarked on a certain class at Baylor as a little 17 year old freshman that proved WAY out of my league, and I had to tell my parents it was not possible to return my opened package of textbooks for a refund after I dropped the class..."Money is replaceable, Pie."

When I stressed over them spending over $700 on new brakes for my ten year old college car..."Anna Pie, you need to be safe. Money is replaceable."

And so on and so forth throughout my formative and early adulthood years as I repeatedly moaned and groaned about spending money on unforeseen life hiccups.   Much like her "Go! Fight! Win!" mantra is oft present in my conversations with myself, so is "Money is replaceable."

When our heater breaks down at home and we have to hand over $296 for a new thermostat, new evaporator transformer and repair labor..."Money is replaceable."

When my baby sister raises money for a mission trip to Peru and we wanted to support her..."Money is totally replaceable!"

When I get the first speeding ticket of my life and (after sobbing my eyeballs out the rest of the evening and feeling too embarrassed to even be alive) have to hand over $170 to the Municipal Court..."Money is replaceable, @#%* it!"

You see, my parent's bank account doesn't even remember that textbook cost a decade ago, or those new brakes.  As soon as our house's temperature rose above the 54 degrees to which it had sunk, I was ready to give that repair guy a hug along with the check.  And the ticket...well...that'll sting for a while yet...sigh...

Life costs money, people.  Things happen, good and bad, and they cost money.  Can't get away from it.  That doesn't mean buying a new tire is a walk in the park or forking over money for something stupid is any fun.  But it doesn't have to send you to the depths of despair for ever and always.  Another payday will roll around.  You can slowly replenish that savings account that took a hit or pay down that credit card you had to dip into.  And in a few weeks or months or years, you won't even know the difference.

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  1. I believe it was divine intervention that led me to your post. Thank you for this I needed this. As for the textbook issue, my loss was the exact same amount of money but it was a housing scam for an apartment near my college campus. Someone scammed me out of 700 dollars a day before classes began!! I thought it was the end of the world back then! Looking back, it is replaceable and life costs money. Thank you for this post. I know it is a year later of commenting but please know you have completely change my day today! Blessings to you and I wish you the continued best of life! :)