Monday, February 3, 2014

Why I Think Coca-Cola's Superbowl Ad Is Beautiful

When this Coca-Cola ad aired last night during the Superbowl, many people took to Twitter and other outlets to show disdain and hatred about this stirring rendition of our country's song.   The room I was sitting in fell silent.  I heard a chorus of whispers..."Oh wow"..."Well done, Coke, well done"..."That was beautiful"...  My eyes teared up, partly because I am grateful to live my life and watch Superbowl commercials with loving, open minded, respectful people and partly because I do indeed think this ad is beautiful.

Because my great, great, great grandfather arrived in America on a boat from Europe, and one of yours likely did too.

Because my Dad's first language was German, not English.

Because my sister is getting a master's degree so she can work with undocumented minors, i.e. "illegals", to help them attain citizenship.

Because my husband and I might adopt children that don't look like us.

Because our neighbors across the street have an amazingly beautiful, musical, Hispanic celebration in their front yard each year a few days before Christmas with colorful dresses and intricate dancing.

Because a beautiful woman wearing a head covering does not deserve to automatically be labeled terrorist.

Because "from sea to shining sea" is a lot of space with a lot of different people in it.

Because a nation can have one standard language for matters of administration and education, and many, many languages for matters of family and culture.

Because the sound of sweet children singing their country's song in any language is simply adorable.


  1. Beautifully voiced! As I tell my children, if you have to get mad about something, get mad about something that matters. Children will die today because they don't have food. This is a worthy place to put our time and energy.

    1. "Get mad about something that matters." That's great!