Tuesday, February 18, 2014

OMG! Appointments!

There's a lot of STUFF you have to do when you first get a foster placement.

We've been to the doctor twice and still have to take both kids another time.

Brother is supposed to go to the dentist.

Social workers took them to one failed parent visit, then right back to daycare.

I've taken them to a successful parent visit.

They'll likely have another parent visit this week.

We took them to get signed up for WIC, which took almost 3 hours and was not fun.

We're kind of to the point where we're wondering "Dear CPS, can the kids just have a regular week when we don't have to yank them out of their routine for an appointment?"  We're trying to find some normalcy here for these kids and all these appointments are kind of throwing a wrench in that.  I understand that the foster care side of Medicaid needs doctor and dentist visits on file.  I understand that parents need to see their kids for visits.  I understand that if we want the WIC benefits, we have to trudge over there and do the time to get signed up.  But goodness gracious, I hope soon we can cool it with all the appointments!

In the meantime, we're rolling with it and doing what needs to be done.


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