Friday, April 25, 2014

What Are We Going To Do If They Go Home?

Text conversation while Trent was on a mission trip to Galveston a few weekends ago:

Trent: Their presents aren't really beachy, just something he can throw and chase and something she can chew on.
Me: Hehe, awesome.
Trent: I was really hoping to find a real islandy like drum for her to beat on.
Me: You're a good dad.  :-)
Trent: Whether I am or not, I'm in love with two little ones who I miss so much that I wander the Strand looking for presents.
Me: You are.  I'm sure of it.
Trent: Well, I'm hooked
Me: What are we going to do if they go home?
Trent: Cry like babies and let God carry them.

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