Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How Is Your Soul Today? - Shoe Shopping Edition

The "How is your soul today?" check in that I described before doesn't have to always be serious and solemn.  At the highschool retreat the other weekend (my first ever, more on that later maybe) my small group did a check in Sonic drink style.  "If your soul was a Sonic drink, what would it be?"  Example: My soul is a Dr. Pepper with lime because I'm peppy and excited about retreat like the sour lime but looking forward to some good worship and smooth quiet times like the smooth Dr. Pepper."    It doesn't always make a ton of sense and doesn't have to, just another fun way to check in.

So today's check in is a shoe edition.  If your soul was (were?) a shoe, what type of shoe would it be?  Could be an old ratty pair of sneakers that are just about worn out and need a rest. Or a set of slippers that are totally comfortable.


It could be my current soul combo of brand new sassy, classy boots and high heels that I got last night! 

Black boots to replace my previous pair that are
literally falling apart!

Herringbone heels to go with my little black dress
for the office Christmas party this Friday!

I have determined that shoe shopping is good for the soul....maybe just the female soul.  Let me rephrase.  Successful shoe shopping is good for the soul. Unsuccessful shoe shopping, aka the first 1.5 hours at the mall last night, is so not good for the soul, but is on the contrary discouraging and feels like a waste of time. But my last ditch effort of checking Sears to see what they had sure paid off.  I found both these pairs of delicious footwear for WAY on sale.  I swear Sears is a forgotten gem among department stores. I have had a lot of success there in the past with clothing and now with shoes.

Ok, ok, I know some of you out there (or maybe just the boys) (do boys read my blog?) are thinking "Wha? Soul? Shoes? Those don't go together. I don't understand females."  That's ok. *Pat on the back*  You probably never will, sorry.  ;-)   I know it may be a loose connection between my true soul and being happy about some new shoes, but let's just roll with it.  There are silly little things in everyone's life that make them SO happy, even if just for a short time, and I think it's important to find those things and then revel in them.  Today I wore my new boots and I'm happy as a kid in a candy store. (or an Anna in an ice cream shop...) Last night as we were driving home from the mall, my husband, who tagged along despite the shoe hunt "just so he could spend time with me" (true love) was on the phone with my M-I-L who must have asked how I was because he said "Oh she just got two new pairs of shoes, so she is grrreat."  To which I grinned even bigger at the oncoming traffic and *might* have bounced in my seat a little.

My cat baby also likes it when I buy new shoes...or anything that comes home in a plastic bag really...

So my soul is sassy, classy and happy, all because of some sale priced shoes...  This shoetopia feeling will probably only last a couple days, maybe through Friday when I get to wear my new heels.  And that's ok. We shouldn't have to rely on these little happiness highs to keep us afloat, but they sure are fun in the meantime.

How is your soul today?

P.S. For Steph's sake, I really tried to work a soul/sole pun into this post but I just couldn't. Alas, she is the queen of puns, not me.

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