Saturday, November 26, 2011

How Is Your Soul Today?

Since I have been hanging around the youth ministry scene for a little while now, I have encountered a neat exercise or "check in" that is done at camps and retreats, etc. Trent and I do it occasionally at our own youth functions too.  It's called "How is your soul today?"   I know it's kind of a weird question to think about at first and it caught me off guard the first time I heard it. My soul?  How is my soul?  What is that supposed to mean? It's a deeper question than just "how are you?" It's not exactly the same as "what's on your heart?"  It can't really be answered in physical terms like "my soul is tired because I didn't sleep well" or "my soul is annoyed because someone cut me off in traffic."  I think it goes deeper than that, deep down to your core, your whole being.  I believe your soul can be weary.  Your soul can be angry, struggling, yearning, ecstatic, full of love, overwhelmed, hurting, broken, giving, peaceful...  Who knows...  It doesn't have to be summed up in one word.

It's a good thing to check in on, and I'll do so here from time to time.

So, how is my soul today?  Rested. Time off of work, time at home, time with my husband, tv, books, pets. Got some chores done; did a bit of shopping after all the crazies cleared out after Black Friday.  Time tucked away in our little hideaway called home does a body and soul good.

P.S. Thanks to my hubby for helping me create the above graphic. 

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