Thursday, November 3, 2011

This Makes Me Sad

My agenda for this evening includes some tv watching, pasta eating, knitting and reading.  Oh and some laundry and dishes.  I'm already on step one with a few episodes of Big Bang Theory (funny show) and have seen a commercial several times for this tv show:


Disclaimers: I have not watched this show. It may be funny.  It may have lovely endings for each episode that show moms not really hating their teenage daughters.

But still...


I don't very often say "What is this world coming to?" but...this makes me sad.   Part of what Trent and I try to do with our youth is build up self esteem and sense of value.  I know teenagers can be tricky for parents but I wish tv didn't send a message that they are worthless and hated.  Lame!!


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  1. I haven't seen it either, but I agree. We don't need more shows that promote fighting and at the very least putting on an act for television.