Sunday, November 13, 2011

Unexpected Follower

Recently while perusing my stats page on this blog, I noticed a site in the "traffic sources" section that I didn't recognize.  It is  I clicked on it of course, giddy with excitement that I had picked up an unexpected follower. I realized that it is the blog of Tammy H., with whom I have some really loose connections... 1) I briefly met her and her now husband Jonathan at a college ministry back to school BBQ at FBC Woodway at the beginning of my sophomore year of college in 2005 (yes, I have a stalkerish memory of people's faces and names and no, I don't expect them to remember that day).  2) My amiga Steph lives in the same city as they do now and randomly mentions them to me sometimes because we are all four accountants.  3) Jonathan was photographer #2 at our wedding to help out the very talented Abigail Criner.  Proof:

Anyway, now that I have established those loose connections...   I went to her blog and started poking around, then noticed that she did not just show up in my traffic sources because of happening upon my blog once or twice, but rather she's got my blog listed in her "Friends and Family" blog list.  Saweeeet!

So there is really not much point to this post other than it is super cool to find semi random people who truly follow this blog!  And since Tammy follows: Hi and thanks!


  1. Hi Anna! I have been stalking/following your blog for a bit. Steph kept telling me to check you blog out and then I was hooked. I totally forgot J was your photographer! How funny. I love your post and can totally relate to the ones about marriage, work, and God as radio DJ. :)

  2. I'm so glad you started stalking me! Way to go Steph for advertising my lil blog. Haha, now you can just follow openly. Thanks for doing so!