Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Remember when Trent and I took the youth down to Galveston this summer for our mission trip and helped out Galveston Urban Ministries?  Well we pretty much fell in love with the city and have been wanting to go back since.  We started talking about a weekend getaway back in August...and the first weekend that we could both be free is this coming weekend.  (Well, the church employee's version of a weekend: Thursday-Saturday.)  That is proof right there that we neeeeed a getaway since it took over two months from first thinking about it to being able to find a time that we weren't busy and could actually go on one.  Yipes.

Anyway, I'm taking off Thursday and Friday, we'll leave Thursday morning and come home sometime Saturday.  We are sooo excited for a mini vacation and have been randomly chanting "Galveston! Galveston!" and "vacaaaaation" to each other this week.  We are dorks and we do not deny it.  I suppose it's a random time of year to go to the beach, considering it is November, but hey, we like it down there and stuff's cheaper in the winter! 

This trip will be just a little bit different from the mission trip...

~Trent and I will be able to sleep in the same room instead of apart in girls' room and guys' room and actually in a bed instead of on a church floor.
~We will have one shower and two people instead of one shower and twenty-one people

~We can stroll through the GUM building in normal attire and see its progress instead of showing up in work clothes with water jugs and pulling insulation down upon ourselves.  Itchaay.   (Although we might end up helping with some projects if they have anything for us!)
~We can hang out with the Dorrell family over a meal at a table instead of scarfing sandwiches or pizza on our feet at the work site. (Baby brother Dorrell has since arrived!)

~We won't have to count heads...although we dearly love all of these heads...

But there are some things that I think will be the same as the mission trip too...

~We'll eat at Shrimp N Stuff, Bada Bing and Banana Cabana Cafe again fo' sho'
~We'll grow closer as a couple
~We'll add a "Remember that time..." to our memory list

Sooooo excited! Caaaaaan't wait!


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