Saturday, December 8, 2012

Be The Change

I don't own a lot of jewelry.  With the exception of a few pieces that were purchased at some point to match a certain outfit or dress, my jewelry collection consists of special items that were given to me as gifts or purchased on special occasions.  I love getting special jewelry as gifts, but it's extremely rare that I buy jewelry for myself.   

However, I do have a ring that is very special to me, that I bought for myself, for no occasion at all.  It was $16.99 at Target and caught my eye one day then tugged at my heart for a week or two before I went back and bought it.  It's just a sterling silver ring with a swirl in the band on one side.  But it was the words engraved on it that caught me. 

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

I think this quote is commonly attributed to Ghandi, but it doesn't much matter to me who said it originally. This cheap little ring has become a staple in my jewelry collection and I wear it all the time, sometimes stacked with my mission trip wife ring.

This ring is a reminder and a challenge, for me, for us, for our faith, for our life.

It's a reminder and challenge when I get into a selfish whiny fit about being so busy with all this youth ministry going on in our life.  We can be friends and teachers to these young people that God has placed in our life. 

It's a reminder and challenge when I get totally overwhelmed by the idea of becoming foster parents and wonder what the heck we are thinking.  We can be a stable home for children who need one, even if just for a short time.

It's a reminder and a challenge when I look over our budget spreadsheet and feel bad that we can't give much money to worthy causes.  The Kingdom of God doesn't just need money, it also needs hands and feet and willing hearts.  We can be those hands and feet and willing hearts.

What breaks your heart is this world?  Where do you wish to see change?  I challenge you to be that change. 

Don't just talk about it.  Don't just be sad about it.  Don't just throw money at it.  

Live it. Do it. Be it.


  1. Need help finding a ring like this one email me please where I can find one

  2. I have one for sale pre 2000s in Anaheim.